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Brigham pipes

Brigham pipes (43)

These pipes are unique, for their special cooling system. They used only the highest quality briar to achieve great designs and affordable pipes.

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Chacom pipes

Chacom pipes (8)

Today Chacom is one of the world's best pipe makers, having both modern and classic shapes in their portfolio.

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Lorenzetti pipes

Lorenzetti pipes (5)

By the 1960`s his business was firmly established, with his pipes exported around Europe, America and Africa.

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Mini Turkish Meerschaum pipes

Mini Turkish Meerschaum pipes (1)

Every pipe has been hand finished and inspected for design and quality. These pipes are available in various designs.

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Petersons pipes

Petersons pipes (5)

This company was made popular in th late 19th century, by two groundbreaking patents: ``Petersons System`` and `` Peterson Lip``.

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Stanwell pipes

Stanwell pipes (3)

Over the years Stanwell has become sononomous with quality and excellence in pipe creativity.

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Tundra pipes

Tundra pipes (5)

Introducing TUNDRA, a brand-new Brigham pipe series! In this new tobacco pipe collection, Brigham strived to capture the seasonal colours of the Tundra – from the desolate monochrome of winter to the rich ambers and reds of summer.

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Vauen pipes

Vauen pipes (23)

Only 10% of the briar root tubers dug out are good enough to satisfy the high standards of Vauen.

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Vincenzo Pipes (10)

These pipes are well known for their design, quality and affordability.

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