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Originally introduced: 1968 Flagship of the Cuban cigar Industry Tobacco region: Vuelta Abajo spicy full taste and rich creamy character handmade Medium Cuban

Cohiba Club

Cohiba clubs are machine made with 100% Cuban tobacco and are slightly larger than the Cohiba minis. This Cuban cigarillo will give a sample of what the classic larger Cohibas taste like.

Cohiba Corona Especiales

Cohiba Corona Especiales cigar

This Cohiba is a rich elegant cigar with the familiar floral aroma. The strong tobacco taste does not mask the flavours that made this brand unique.  Will age well in the humidor if you want to keep it for those special events.

Cohiba Mini

The Cohiba minis are made from 100% Cuban tobacco. They are machine rolled in Cuba using the same source of leaves as hand made Havana cigars.

Cohiba Robusto

Cohiba Robusto

There are only nine true Robusto and this is the most complete, because of its strength and excellent blend. They have an intense taste, vaguely bitter, dry, wooden and with an over sweet bottom, slightly hot and it lasts intensively.

Cohiba Talisman limited edition

Cohiba Talisman Limited Edition

The latest release from the Cohiba brand This limited edition has undergone an extra eighteen months againg in cedar lined barrels to reach this standard.  The Maduro wrapper used gives  just a touch of sweetness to the iconic brands taste palete.  Sure to be a big hit.