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Originally introduced: 1901 Tobacco region: Vuelta Abajo Full strength, rich flavour, with raw earthy and spicy qualities, this is a very good rich, aromatic cigar handmad Extra Strong Cuban

Bolivar Belicoso Fino

Features an intense taste, with light over sweet touches, with slightly hot notes. Known for their spicy qualities with dark roasted flavours of nuts, coffee over deep earthy undertones.

Bolivar Coronas Jr.

Wet earth, coffee and cacao blend in perfect unison to give this petit corona a very attractive character. This cigar is small, but a true Bolivar.

Bolivar Royal Coronas

Royal Corona feature a very intense flavour, slightly bitter, with presence of wooden dry tones covered with certain over sweet and a toasted vegetal aftertaste. Not for the beginner.

Boliver Petit Corona

Boliver Petit Corona

Flavours of cocoa, coffee and has a sweet after taste, making it a good cigar for an after dinner smoke.