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Lorenzetti pipes

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By the 1960`s his business was firmly established, with his pipes exported around Europe, America and Africa.

Avitus Dublin by Lorenzetti pipes

Lorenzetti Avitus Dublin pipe

This is the second of the Avitus series - the Dublin is made from select briar in Italy, with a Vulcanite mouthpiece.

Lorenzetti Constantine pipe #23

Named after four of history’s most famous Roman Emperors, each pipe of the Emperor line is primarily distinguished by the colour of its finish. 

Lorenzetti Julius Caesar #27

Lorenzetti Julius Caesar #27 pipe

Named after one of the five famous Roman Emperors this is the Julius Caesar series.  This style has the Red smooth high gloss finish with a bent stem and sitter shape,  Gift boxed and cloth pouch provided.

Lorenzetti Nero #3 pipe

Lorenzetti Nero #3 pipe

One of four series of pipes named for the Roman Emperors, this Nero pipe has been made from top quality briar in Italy. Rhodesian shape with a rustic look.