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Pipe Tobacco

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Pipe Tobacco

Amphora pipe tobacco

Amphora pipe tobacco (2)

Made in Denmark, blended from the best quality tobaccos.

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Backwoods Cherry Tobacco

Backwoods Cherry Tobacco (1)

Backwoods Cherry Tobacco is fragrant and authentic tobacco vape with subtle cherry undertones.

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Borkum Riff

Borkum Riff (1)

At the beginning of the 1960's a pipe tobacco was launched in Sweden under the brand name of Borkum Riff. Originally Borkum Riff was a lighthouse on the Dutch coast in the North Sea. Today Borkum Riff is sold all over the world it's biggest market is the United States.

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Brigham tobacco

Brigham tobacco (4)

Brigham was established in 1906 by Roy Brigham, as a pipe repair expert after his apprenticeship with an Austrian pipe maker. They became well known for their pipes, and very successful. By the mid 1960's the company expanded it's product range to include tobacco, they keep the prices very competitive.
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Captain Black tobacco

Captain Black tobacco (3)

Captain Black pipe tobacco is made by Lane Ltd in the US. It is the most distributed pipe tobacco in the US market, being sold in most of the large chain stores.

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David's Blend

David's Blend (3)

This pipe tobacco blend is made in the United States, and comes in a number of blends.

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Davidoff pipe tobacco (5)

Zino Davidoff was born in Kiev, in 1911 the family moved to Geneva for a better life.The first tobacconist was opened in 1912, when he was 18 he went to Latin America to learn the tobacco trade, returning in 1930, whereby he took over the family business. In 1967 he was approached by Cubatobacco about creating a personal brand of cigars for his stores. The cigars were released in 1969 unde the banner of Davidoff.

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Dunhill pipe tobacco

Dunhill pipe tobacco (6)



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Erinmore tobacco (1)

Formerly blended by Murray and Sons UK, until 2005. Now owned by Peter Stokkebye International. The recipe for the blends are known by two people each generation.

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House blend pipe tobacco

House blend pipe tobacco (4)

We have 50 gram and 100 gram bags.

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Mac Baren tobacco

Mac Baren tobacco (6)

The MacBaren Tobacco Company has always been a family owned business, it is the largest family owned tobacco company in Denmark. Now in it's 4th generation

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Old Port tobacco

Old Port tobacco (1)

Old Port cigars and pipe tobacco have been manufactured in Montreal, Canada for eons. Scandinavian Tobacco Group is a huge conglomerate which owns the Old Port Cigar Company.
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Peterson Tobacco

Peterson Tobacco (4)

The Peterson company we know today was started in 1865 by the Kapp brothers on Grafton Street, Dublin. Charles Peterson joined them and later became a partner, renaming the business Kapp and Peterson. They became famous for craftsmanship, elegance and dedication to quality. Don't miss the opportunity to put alittle luxury in your pipe.
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Solani tobacco

Solani tobacco (4)

Rudiger L. Will was literally born to blend tobacco, he grew up in his fathers tobacco factory. After traveling the world studying the tobacco business he developed the Borkum Riff tobacco, then in 1997 he introduced the Solani line of tobaccos with much success, because of the taste and aroma.
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Vincenzo pipe tobacco (4)

Ranging from Vanilla/coffee to fruity aromas.

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