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Cuban Cigars

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Fine cigars from Cuba.

Belinda Cigars

Belinda Cigars (1)

Originally introduced: 1987 Full flavour subtle tobacco taste blended with medium herbal flavour Medium/Strong Cuban

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Bolivar (2)

Originally introduced: 1901 Tobacco region: Vuelta Abajo Full strength, rich flavour, with raw earthy and spicy qualities, this is a very good rich, aromatic cigar handmad Extra Strong Cuban

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Cohiba (7)

Originally introduced: 1968 Flagship of the Cuban cigar Industry Tobacco region: Vuelta Abajo spicy full taste and rich creamy character handmade Medium Cuban

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Cuaba (1)

Originally introduced: 1996 Tobacco region: Vuelta Abajo (Pinar del Rio) Full flavoured, rich and spicy, handmade Strong Cuban

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Diplomaticos (2)

Originally introduced: 1966 Tobacco region: Vuelta Arriba Strong earthy characteristic with hints of wood and coffee, spicy medium to full bodied handmade Strong Cuban

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Guantanamera (2)

Originally introduced: 2002 These are a mild very light bodied cigar Mild Cuban

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H. Upmann

H.Upmann (7)

Originally introduced: 1844 Tobacco region: Vuelta Abajo Full bodied, rich earthy flavoured cigar with a unique metallic aroma handmade Mild Cuban

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Habanos Specialist Cigars

Habanos Specialist Cigars (1)

We are now a Habanos Specialist store.

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Hoyo de Monterrey

Hoyo de Monterrey (3)

Originally introduced: 1865 Tobacco region: Vuelta Abajo Silky richness, complexity of taste, balanced flavours include peppery spice, fresh herbs, rosewood and musk aroma, fruity and floral notes handmade Strong Cuban

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Jose Piedra

Jose Piedra (6)

Originally introduced: 1880 Medium - Strong flavour this is a cigar for a regular cigar smoker medium bodied slightly woody Medium Cuban

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Juan Lopez

Juan Lopez (1)

Originally introduced: 1876 Tobacco region: Vuelta Abajo Medium to strong with an underlying spiciness, coffee, chocolate notes with a creamy toffee finish handmade Medium/strong Cuban

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Montecristo (7)

Originally introduced: 1935 Tobacco region: Vuelta Abajo Very soft, smooth and sweet, with a marvelous fragrance and class, fruity aroma handmade Mild/Medium Cuban

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Partagas (9)

Originally introduced: 1845 Tobacco region Vuelta Abajo Strong intense flavour earthy spicy tastes handmade Strong Cuban

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Quai D'Orsay

Quai D'Orsay (1)

A mild to medium cigar.

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Quintero (2)

Originally introduced: 1920 Full flavoured medium bodied Medium Cuban

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Ramon Allones

Ramon Allones (1)

Originally introduced: 1845 Tobacco region: Vuelta Abajo Full flavour and body earthy - spicy notes aroma similar to nuts (walnuts, pecans) Strong Cuban

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Robaina (1)

Originally introduced: 1997 Tobacco region: Vuelta Abajo Medium to strong blend with an excellent aroma, mild sweetness with smooth earthy notes handmade Strong Cuban

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Romeo y Julieta

Romeo y Julieta (11)

Originally introduced: 1875 Tobacco region: Vuelta Arriba (Pinar del Rio) Earthy with a leather and peppery flavour, with a spicy finish rich floral aroma handmade Medium Cuban

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San Cristobal

San Cristobal (1)

Originally introduced: 1999 Tobacco region: Vuelta Abajo Full strength rich, spicy full taste handmade Strong Cuban

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Specialty Cuban Selection packs

Specialty Cuban Selection packs (2)

A great gift idea for some one who loves cigars.

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Trinidad (2)

Originally introduced: 169 Tobacco region: Vuelta Abajo Creamy with hints of leather and spice well balanced a full bodied cigar medium strength handmade Medium Cuban

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Vegueros cigars

Vegueros cigars (4)

Made from tobaccos in the premium Vuelta Abaja region.

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