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Petersons pipes

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This company was made popular in th late 19th century, by two groundbreaking patents: ``Petersons System`` and `` Peterson Lip``.

Peterson Aran smooth un banded #22 pipe

One of Peterson's most traditional finishes, the Aran presents a color palette of chocolatey stain and jet-black stem.

Peterson Dalkey 338 ft pipe

This Peterson pipe has a solid English grain pattern displayed across this pipe from the Dalkey series. Comes in it's own gift box with a soft cloth pouch.

Peterson Donegal Rocky #106 pipe

Peterson Donegal Rocky #106 pipe

The Donegal Rocky is the first line of rusticated pipes we produced. Since its debut in 1945, its craggy texture and two-toned stain have become synonymous with a Peterson rusticated pipe. Available in a variety of our most popular non-System shapes.

Peterson Dublin filter 221 pipe

Peterson Dublin filter 221 fl pipe

This is a great pipe from the Dublin series, smooth Brown finish.  Comes with a cloth pouch and gift box.

Peterson Red Killarney 808 pipe

Peterson Red Killarney 808 pipe

A medium sized, semi bent bulldog. The 808 has crisp clean lines finished beautifully with the twin carved rings below the smoking chamber. The deep ruby red hue is accentuated by two contrasting nickel bands and a black acrylic fishtail mouthpiece.