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Brigham pipes

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These pipes are unique, for their special cooling system. They used only the highest quality briar to achieve great designs and affordable pipes.

Brigham Boardroom pipe

Brigham Boardroom Pipe

The eye catching shape culminates in a rustic rim of natural briar. These pipes fit the famous Brigham system which cools the smoke as it travels through the pipe.

Algonquin 2 dot fishtail

Algonquin 2 dot fish tail pipe

Algonquin is a series of pipes honouring the first nations tribe who played a key role in helping the settlers fend off invaders.  This pipe has the dark Brown smooth finish with a fishtail stem.

Brigham Algonquin 2 dot pipe

Algonquin pipe 2 dot

 The Algonquin were instrumental in establishing the fur and tobacco trade with southern settlers and native tribes of what is know Virginia.

Brigham Acadian #16 pipe

Brigham Acadian #16 pipe

Formerly known as the Brigham 7 dot pipe.  It has a natural finished briar bowl which shows the quality of the briar with no fuss.  Great every day pipe. 

Brigham 2 dot Algonquin pipe

Brigham Algonquin straight stem pipe

This Billiard straigh stem smooth finish pipe from Brigham uses the rock Maple filter system. Comes with a cloth bag and Brigham pipe tin.

Capri ''Basket Pipe'' Various

Brigham Capri ''Basket Pipe'' Various

These hand turned Italian briar pipes are an excellent choice for the novice smoker in search of a great deal. They come in various finishes and shapes.

Brigham Giant # 1202 pipe

Brigham Giant #1202 pipe

This is a hugh pipe in the English style.  The chamber is large as would be expected - also features Rock Maple inserts to wick away condensation and tars leaving a cool dry smoke.

Brigham Giant bent billiard pipe

Brigham Giant Bent Billiard pipe

This Brigham Giant has the same flawless finish as the straigh stem,  the English Billiard bent stem has a larger chamber as expected and also uses the Rock Mapel system of filters.

Brigham Giant Straight Billiard pipe

Brigham Giant Straight Billiard pipe

The Giant has a flawless smooth darker finish, straight stem and English Billiard shape making a classical and bold statement/  Larger chamber as you might expect, uses the Brigham Rock Maple system of filters.

Brigham Giante 1204 pipe

Brigham Giante #1204 pipe

Designed for people who prefer a larger pipe.  Made with the Brigham distillator system and delivering a great smoking experience. Smooth deep Burgundy finish.

Brigham Heritage #19 pipe

Brigham Heritage #19 pipe

This Brigham pipe has a long stem making the smoke cooler and giving a more enjoyable experience.  Smooth deep Burgundy finish which over time will deepen into an almond Brown. 

Brigham Heritage #29 pipe

Brigham Heritage #29 pipe

Formerly known at the Brigham Heritage 5 dot pipe.  This pipe has a smooth Red stained finish, great looking pipe.

Brigham pipe of the year 2016

Brigham Pipe of the Year 2016

The Brigham pipe of the year, comes in a four season series.  This is the second - Earth.  It comes in it's own box with a matching tamper, limited edition numbered only so

many were made.  Certificate of authentication included.

Brigham Sportsman pipe wax finish

Brigham Sportsman pipe wax finish

Each pipe is packaged in a beautiful metal tin complete with a pack of Brigham Distillators, a pack of Brigham Extra Absorbant pipe cleaners and 3-piece pipe tool.

Brigham Sportsman pipe wax finish 1203

Brigham Sportsman pipe wax finish 1203

The Sportsman pipe features the same great   quality briar as the Mountaineer (3-dot) but with a rugged appearance that alleviates any worries about scratches and dings. The more wear and tear these pipes take on, the more character they have - just like those who smoke them.