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Cuban Cigar News & Taste Guide

Cuban Cigar Taste Guide

Cuban cigars are a particularly unique cigar, due in part to the specific variations in soil that can be found in different regions throughout Cuba. Due to this soil diversity, five different types of tobacco leaves are produced and are then used for rolling cigars.

The first are used for the aroma of the cigar; the second are used for taste; the third dictates how the cigar draws; the fourth are used for binding together the previous leaves; and the fifth are used for wrapping the cigar.

Some of these mentioned leaves can be aged for up to seven years before they are deemed eligible to be rolled into a cigar!

Cigar Types

Cohiba - Medium Cuban

One of the finest Cuban Cigars. All hand made with pronounced, unique but subtle flavors.

View Cohiba Cigars

Montecristo - Mild-Medium Cuban

Very soft smooth and sweet, with a marvelous fragrance and class. One of the very best with a very fruity aroma.

View Montecristo Cigars

Romeo Y Julieta - Medium Cuban

A rich floral aroma with a light spice flavor ranging from very light to harsh.

View Romeo Y Julieta Cigars

Partagas - Strong Cuban

One of the oldest Cuban brands. A very pronounced robust spicy flavor.

View Partagas Cigars

Fonseca - Mildest Cuban

A soft easy smoke for all occasions. This is a very aromatic cigar with a lightly sweet flavor.

View Fonseca Cigars

H. Upmann - Mild Cuban

A full-bodied, rich earthy flavored cigar, with a unique metallic aroma (JFK's favorite cigar).

View H. Upmann Cigars

San Luis Rey - Medium Cuban

Slightly sweet and spicy. These are powerful and demanding yet with the softness and strength to be admired.

San Luis Rey Cigars

Sancho Panza - Medium Cuban

A refined elegant cigar, with soft, sweet and aromatic tones. A light cigar in body and aroma.

View Sancho Panza Cigars

Diplomaticos - Medium Cuban

This is Montecristo's second label and was made to offer Havanas to the public at a better price with a larger selection.

View Diplomaticos Cigars

Bolivar - Extra Strong Cuban

Strong taste with raw, earthy, spicy qualities. This is a very good, rich and aromatic cigar.

View Bolivar Cigars

Ramon Allones - Medium Cuban

A unique aroma similar to walnuts and pecans. These are an after dinner cigar.

View Ramon Allones Cigars

Hoyo de Monterey - Strong Cuban

This is a very old brand. A subtle cigar that has a pleasant classic Cuban aroma and taste.

View Hoyo de Monterey Cigars

Jose L. Piedra - Medium Cuban

These cigars are for regular cigar smokers and have a slightly woody flavor.

View Jose L. Piedra Cigars

Trinidad - Medium Cuban

Creamy with hints of leather and spice well balanced.  A full bodied cigar.

View Trinidad Cigars

Cuaba - Strong Cuban

Full flavoured, rich and spicy.

View Cuaba Cigars

San Cristobal - Strong Cuban

Rich, spicey full taste.

View San Cristobal Cigars

Juan Lopez - Medium/Strong Cuban

Medium to strong, with an underlying spiciness, coffee, chocolate notes with a creamy toffee finish.

View Juan Lopez Cigars

El Rey del Mundo - Medium Cuban

True classic medium flavour, sweet notes (honey, caramel) floral notes.

Vegas Robaina - Strong Cuban

Strong blend with an excelent aroma. Mild sweetness with smooth earthy notes.

Vegueros - Medium Cuban

Full flavoured, earthy hints of pepper wit ha special intensity.

View Vegueros Cigars

La Gloria Cubana - Medium Cuban

Well balanced medium bodied, smooth and flavourful, creamy, cedar notes.

View La Gloria Cubana Cigars

Por Larranaga - Mild Cuban

Mild rich flavours and strength, great aroma.

View Por Larranaga Cigars

La Flor de Rafael Gonzalez Marqueza - Mild/Medium Cuban

Considered mild/medium bodied, smooth with a sweetness of Vanilla, wood and leather notes.

View La Flor de Rafael Gonzalez Marqueza Cigars

La Flor de Cano - Medium Cuban

Flavours of coffee, cedar and nut notes.

View La Flor de Cano Cigars

Quintero - Medium Cuban

Full flavoured, medium body.

View Quintero Cigars

Guantanamera - Mild Cuban

These are a mild, very light bodied cigar.

View Guantanamera Cigars

Belinda - Medium Cuban

Full of flavour, subtle tobacco taste balanced with a herbal flavour.

View Belinda Cigars

La Escepcion - Strong Cuban

Full strength cigar flavours of oak, spice, pepper and damp earth, notes of cinnamon and Vanilla.

View La Escepcion Cigars