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About Cuban Cigars

Cuban cigars are made from five different leaves. The outer layer, or wrapper, gives a cigar its nice appearance and adds a lot of character to the smoke. The second layer, called the binder, is essential for keeping the filler tobacco in place and upholding the cigar's shape and structure.

Ligero leaves, a type of filler, come from the very top of a tobacco plant and are exposed to the greatest amount of sun. These leaves develop a lot of oil, and have the strongest flavour and aroma of all the fillers. Selo leaves are picked from the middle of the tobacco plant, and their purpose is to aid in the even combustion of the cigar.

Lastly, volado leaves are found at the bottom of the plant. Because they have less natural oils than the other leaves, they are placed in the center of the cigar to provide a strong foundation and burn.

Stack of Cohiba cigars in front of a cigar box