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Philles Blunt cigars

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 Available in a variety of flavours.

Phillies Blunt Berry

Phillies Blunt Berry cigars

These are an affordable, decent smoke.  Berry Flavoured

Phillies Blunt Chocolate cigars

A decent affordable everyday smoke.  Chocolate flavour

Phillies Blunt Coconut

Phillies Blunt Coconut cigars

These are an affordable, decent smoke.  Coconut flavoured

Phillies Blunt Cognac

Phillies Blunt Cognac cigars

These are an affordable, decent smoke. Cognac flavoured

Phillies Blunt Grape Cigars

 A decent affordable everyday smoke.  Grape flavour

Phillies Blunt Strawberry cigars

A decent and affordable everyday smoke.  Strawberry flavour.

Phillies Blunt Vanilla

Phillies Blunt Vanilla cigars

These are a decent affordable, everyday smoke.  Vanilla Flavour

Phillies Sweets

Phillies Sweets are a machine made from short or chopped filler tobaccos, from Dominica and Honduras. They have a homogenized sweetend wrapper to give a distinct sweet tobacco flavour.