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July Specials

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Bolivar Corona Jr

Bolivar Corona Jr cigar (25)

Bolivar Corona Jr, a good after dinner cigar for the Havana apprentice, whilst being an excellent daytime companion cigar for the experienced aficionardo. Perfect balance between strength and flavour with a long life span on the palate.

$545.00 CAD $479.60 CAD
Montecristo petit edmundo

Montecristo Petit Edmundo cigar (25)

 This cigar is the smaller brother to the Edmundo. It is definately Cuban but with a slight difference to other Montecristo's, it is also slightly stronger.

$795.00 CAD $699.60 CAD
Partagas serie #1 l/e

Partagas Serie #1 Limited Edition cigar (25)

New cigar and format from the Partagas brand, it's a limited edition - featuring the rich, strong taste that the brand is known for.  Factory name Noblezas.

$1057.54 CAD $930.00 CAD
Montecristo Tubo

Montecristo Tubo cigar (25)

From the Habanos brand that will never let you down, this cigar delivers classisc Montecristo flavours. Great when you are traveling or camping due to the cedar lined aluminium tube.


$945.00 CAD $831.00 CAD
Robaina Unicos

Robaina Unicos cigar (25)

This new size from the Robaina family has all the original rich flavours and aromas, good construction and well balanced.

$877.50 CAD $772.20 CAD
cohiba club white

Cohiba Club White (20)

Introducing a new Cohiba line -  Cohiba White.  This is the first time that a new blend has been introduced within the small Cohiba format. Production takes place exclusively at the International Cubana de Tabacs SA factory in Cuba. With new and unique packaging the "White" indicates the difference between the previous Cohiba Club and Mini.

$79.95 CAD $67.00 CAD
partagas club

Partagas Club (20)

Great little daytime cigar. The taste of Partagas in a small cigarillo will entice you to try the larger cigars. Comes in boxes of 20.

$69.95 CAD $58.95 CAD