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Solani tobacco

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Rudiger L. Will was literally born to blend tobacco, he grew up in his fathers tobacco factory. After traveling the world studying the tobacco business he developed the Borkum Riff tobacco, then in 1997 he introduced the Solani line of tobaccos with much success, because of the taste and aroma.
Solani Aged Burley pipe tobacco

Solani Aged Burley flake pipe tobacco

Rudiger Will developed a unique tasting process to make the blend slightly sweet. Extremely mild flavour, medium to full taste.

Solani blend 369b label

This is a smooth and sweet natural blend tobacco with bright Red Virginias, Burley, Mellow Black Cavendish and Perique.  Mild Blend

Solani blend 763wb pipe tobacco

Solani Blend 763 wb pipe tobacco

A Black English Flake ready rubbed made of Dark Virginia, Black Cavendish and Syrian Latakia tobaccos.

Solani English blend 779gd pipe tobacco

Very mild, crimp cut. Not only for Latakia - friends, but also for smokers, who love a real natural tobacco taste.

Solani Virginia Flake with Perique pipe tobacco

Specially selected red Virginias from the Old Belt and ripe, bright Virginias, sweetened with Louisiana Perique build up this masterpiece of tobacco blending flake slices.

Solani X sweet mystery pipe tobacco

A slight flavour of Black Currant with Bacardi and Cocoscream. 4 cuts normal and broad cube-cut and broken flake. Cool slightly sweet and mild.