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Factory cigars

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These cigars are made in Arturo Fuente factory, they are the one's whose colour does not quite make the standard for the premium cigars.

Factory 49 cigars

Factory 49 cigars

These Factory throwouts are the same as the cigars in the premium range (Arturo Fuente) but the colour is just slightly off.  They are a mild cigar with a sungrown wrapper, aged Dominican fillers.

Factory 59 cigars

Factory 59 cigars

The Factory 59 Natural is the counterpart to the 59 Sweet, Corona Grande size.  Colour differences from the premium range make this a very affordable cigar.

Factory 59 sweet cigars

Factory 59 Sweets cigars

This is another of the Factory range of cigars which did not make the premium grade due to a slight colour difference.  This size is a Corona Grande.

Factory 99 cigars

Factory 99

Another in the range of cigars that just missed being in the premium line due to their colour being slightly off.