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Romoe & Julieta Maravillas Deste 1875

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Romoe & Julieta Maravillas Deste 1875

Romoe & Julieta Maravillas Deste 1875

$103.50 CAD

Habanos S.A have released a special one-off Romeo y Julieta cigar called the Maravillas 8 to celebrate the 2020 Chinese New Year/Spring Festival.  Themed to honour the Year of the Rat, 8 cigars are housed in a stylish Romeo red lacquered box and are dressed with an additional foot band. As the number 8 is considered an auspicious or 'lucky' number in Chinese culture, the Romeo y Julieta Maravilla 8 is sure to appeal directly to cigar enthusiasts from this part of the world and collectors globally.


6 1/8" length

55 ring